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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Joker's Wild

In 1972 a very interesting gameshow came to television.   The name of that was called The Joker's Wild.  I thought this quiz show was interesting because it had categories on a slot machine.  It almost had a Las Vegas feel to it in spite the set of the show was in California.   The Joker's Wild had an opening of the game where  knowledge is king and lady luck is queen it's The Joker's Wild.  There were many people who were possibly selected to host the Joker's Wild.  One problem was all of these hosts were committed to the shows they were already doing.  These hosts were Wink Martindale, Tom Kennedy and Allen Luddin.   Since they were busy Jack Barry got to host the show for 13 weeks on CBS.  There was no complaints about his hosting from the viewers or the network so CBS signed him to host the show until it's cancellation in 1975.   How this game was played for those of you who have forgotten here are the rules.  The champion generally went first pulling a lever like a slot machine and categories or joker's would pop.   If three different categories popped up the question was worth $50, if two categories or a category and a joker the question was worth $100, if three of the same category popped up it made the question worth $200.  If for some reason all three joker's popped up a player had to pick a category and answer a question.  If they got the question right they automatically won the game.  The first won to get to $500 or more won the game and the right to go and face the devil.   The main game was fun but to me this day I love the bonus round.  You would pull a lever back and pray that you would hit dollar amounts and not see a devil pop up.  You would be able to risk what you have or stop and take your money.  If you got to $1,000 or more without seeing the devil you'd win the $1,000 and various prizes.   I remember when GSN use to run this show in there dark period in 97.  I really miss seeing this show today and would like a revival.   Not only should they revive this but I think this would be a fun gameshow to see on PC, XBOX 360, PS3,PS2, Wii, PSP, Ninetendo DS and handheld.   I think CBS should revive this show for daytime or put it on after Let's Make a Deal.   They could get Mark L. Walberg to host it and I would watch it as long as it was done right. 

Monday, March 28, 2011

Password Plus

In 1979 an updated version of  Password called Password Plus started on NBC.   It was hosted by Allen Luddin the same guy who hosted Password back in the 60's.   This and Super Password which I'll discuss in a future post are my favorite versions of Password.  For those of you who forgot to play Password here is how it's played.  You are given a word and you have to give a one word clue to get your partner to guess the word.  If for example your word was beginning you could give a clue like starting but you couldn't say begin because its a part of the word.   What I really liked more about this version and Super Password was after you guessed the word it was one of five passwords that went up on a board.  The answer was usually a person, place or thing.   A puzzle might have clues like Models, Banker , Cases, Game, Show  and the answer would be Deal Or No Deal.  I used to have the Password Plus board game and I could kick myself for selling it.  The problem is though now finding people who want to play it.  I remember later in the series though they tried something new on Password Plus.  You couldn't in the main game give clues that were opposites which made it more challenging.   The team that got to $300 went to play Alphabetics which was an interesting bonus round.  Unlike the regular Password in this version and in Super Password you are given ten words and the first word would for example start with a B,  the next a C, all the way to K.   In October 1980 Allen Luddin left Password Plus due to health problem and another great gameshow host Tom Kennedy took over.   Tom Kennedy hosted Password Plus in the month of Oct 1980 all the way to March 26,1982.   There were many celebrities on this that were interesting like Lucille Ball, Jim Perry, Gene Rayburn, Dick Martin, Vicki Lawrence, Carol Burnett are just some that I remember playing the game.  I was so happy when GSN was running them again in reruns.  Password Plus is a very exciting show and I wish there was a flash version of it or a PC Version of it.