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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Million Dollar Money Drop

On December 20,2010 an intense trivia gameshow premiered on FOX. The name of the game was the Million Dollar Money Drop. The Million Dollar Money Drop was hosted by movie actor Kevin Pollak. This game is a big hit in other countries. I personally really enjoyed this show almost more than 1 VS 100. The rules of the games went like this. You started out with $1,000,000 (one million dollars) you had to answer seven questions. You are given 50 stacks of $20,000. You are shown two categories and you had to select one of the two categories you wanted to try and answer. You also had to leave one drop zone open. You were to take these stacks of money and place it on the answer or answers you may think are correct. If you have money on the correct answer you kept playing. Any money on the wrong answer dropped down into a trap door kind of like GSN amazing game show Russian Roulette. You would have in the first six questions anywhere from 60 to 90 seconds to answer a question depending on what question it is. Once in the first six questions you got to use a quick change. The quick change meant after you're time is up you then could use it once (on the first six questions) to get an extra 30 seconds to make any changes. On the seventh and final question there was only two drop zones and you could only place an answer on one. You either were going to win the money you had coming into the seventh question or lose it all. On the last question the host would reveal a final fact about the question. The team would then have 60 seconds to decide if they want to change or leave where they put the money. I personally for one am disgusted that FOX cancelled this show. I remember sitting there and watching this with my heart pounding so nervous for the contestant but in a good way. Watching money drop was exciting. I really wish this would have been a PC Game, DVD Game or a video game. This game only averaged around 5 million viewers on FOX. I felt this was more fun to watch than NBC'S gameshow Who's Still Standing. So if you have never seen this show I recommend watching it on youtube. If you can't watch the U.S. version then I would recommend some other version because it is a fun gameshow.