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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Russian Roulette

On June 3,2002 Game Show Network better known as GSN created a gameshow called Russian Roulette.  It was one of the best originals I've ever seen on the network.  The host of it was Mark L. Walberg.   It consists of a set with six trap doors and had four contestants.   I've never seen a gameshow like this where I rooted for a contestant to leave or in this case drop through the floor.  I to this wonder what is below those drop zones.  Could it be a pillow, elevator leading to the exit doors, a bed of nails laugh out loud just kidding on the bed of nails?  At the beginning of the game the four players are given $150 to start the game.  One person was randomly selected before the show to be the challenger.  After the challenger selects a player to challenge the challenged player has ten seconds to give an answer.  If they are right they become the challenger.  If they are wrong they have to pull a lever and hope that it doesn't land on them.  If it doesn't they are in the game and become the challenger.  If it does land on them they drop down and are out of the game.  I have personally thought that this show should be revived in primetime on FOX, ABC, NBC or CBS with higher stakes.  Here is how my version would play the first round contestants start with $500, and four players, Round Two is $750,  Round Three and the 1 VS 1 is $1,000.  The winner goes to the bonus round for up to $250,000. The Bonus Round would go like this you would have 60 seconds to come up with 7 correct answers and its various questions like rearranging letters, multiple choice etc.   If they get all seven it's $25,000 and the chance to turn it into $250,000.  If they get it wrong they win $1,000 per correct answer and drop out.  I also think that it should have returning champs.  Russian Roulette I felt would have made a fun computer game, video game.  If you wanted to play it at home you would have drop cards.  You would make five safe cards and five drop cards.  In each round the host would take away a safe card and had a drop card in the main game.  So if you loved Russian Roulette on Game Show Network like I did then share your memories and favorite episodes of it.