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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I don't know how many of you remember this show but Lingo was a gameshow that actually started in 1987. The first host of Lingo was Michael Reagan. I don't remember this version because I never got to watch this version of Lingo. Game Show Network or better known as GSN revived Lingo in 2002 with host Chuck Woolery. Most people would remember Chuck Woolery from hosting Love Connection and his 2 in 2 catch phrase. I do remember the GSN version in 2002. I enjoyed this version so much I even tried out for it over the phone. I did not get to become a contestant on the show. I to this day think that GSN should have not took off this version of Lingo. The gameplay of this version went like this. Each team is given a lingo card with twenty-five numbers on it. Ten of the numbers end up being marked off their card. To be able to get more numbers knocked off you had to guess a five letter word. To get the word the first letter was given. You had to spell five letter words and were given five chance to spell the correct word. If you got a letter that was in the word but not in the right spot a yellow circle would be around the letter. If you had a red square inside the word then that meant that the letter was in the correct space. Whoever got the correct word would then get to draw two lingo balls. If the team drawing drew a red ball then it was a stopper and control would pass to the other team. The team who had the highest score after the second round went on to play bonus Lingo. In Bonus Lingo a team had two minutes to guess as many five letter words as possible. From season two and on on Chuck Woolery's version winning team would receive a bonus letter for winning the game, and bonus letters for each lingo in the main game. I really enjoyed watching Chuck Woolery's version of Lingo. I find it to be exciting 30 minutes of television. I only wish some network like CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox would have picked up this show. If you were good at spelling five letter words then Lingo would be the gameshow for you. To sum this gameshow up in a few words five letter words and bingo is how I would describe it. In 2003 Stacey Hayes appeared as co-host of Lingo. I find her to be ok. I find the best version of Lingo to be the later years though. In later years Shandi Finnessey cohosted Lingo with Chuck Woolery. I found her to be very entertaining. She would welcome back Lingo from commerical break and would usually have something very funny to say about the host. I will always miss this version of Lingo to this day. In 2011 another version of Lingo was brought to GSN. This version was hosted by comedian known for Here's Your Sign Bill Engvall. This version was ok but not as great as the Woolery's version. The problem with the 2011 version of Lingo was these things 1) It to me felt more like Scrabble than Lingo. 2) Most of the clues were of sexual themes. 3) GSN reran this version to death. All in all those if you want to watch Lingo I definity would recommend the Chuck Woolery version from 2002 to 2007 on Game Show Network. Thank you for reading my game show memories blog. Are their any memories you have of the gameshow Lingo that you would like to share? If you do send me comments or you can post youtube videos on here if you like of one.