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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's Make A Deal

In 1963 a strange but interesting gameshow aired in the United States.  The name of that gameshow is Let's Make A Deal.   What makes this gameshow interesting to me is unlike most other gameshows people are generally dressed up in suits and ties or really super nice outfits.  On Let's Make A Deal people dress up in very silly costumes.  I admit when I was younger I really didn't like this gameshow all that much.  When I got older though I started to like it because it was different but entertaining.   The first host of Let's Make A Deal was Monty Hall who co-produced the show with Stefan Hatos.  This game is bascially a game of chance and risk.  Sometimes you are offered a curtain or cash, Other times it's a curtain or the box.  There might even be a game where there a wallet or other things with money inside or you may take a big giant box.  If you make the wrong choice it usually results in a zonk which sometimes can be very funny and amusing.  Sometimes on the show there are more than one person involved in a deal and the first deal gets to choose one thing and the other goes to someone else. Let's Make a Deal also had  some models on it who would model the prizes.   One of the models that most people may remember from years ago was Carol Merrill.  There has been some beautiful models on Let's Make A Deal who have come and gone.  To me the two most beautiful models from Let's Make A Deal are Alison Fiori and the new model Tiffany Coyne who are on the current version of Let's Make A Deal.  There has been many versions of Let's Make a Deal with Monty Hall.  To compete with American Idol in 2003 NBC in primetime tried to revive Let's Make A Deal.  The host for this version was Billy Bush and many people thought this version was awful.  I thought it was ok.  The best version besides Monty Hall's to me is the newest version which started in 2009.  This version is hosted by comedian and Whose Line Is It Anyway Improv star Wayne Brady.  I really like this version and he and Jonathan Mangum come up with some crazy stuff on it.  I also find the models on this version to be very beautiful.  To me Let's Make A Deal is a very exciting gameshow and I'm almost tempted to go and find me a very silly costume and land on this show.   I personally though am hoping to win cash because the taxes on a car would be insane to try and pay unless I won cash and a car too.  Let's Make A Deal will always be a classic and the new version to me is great and fun to watch.  So remember to tune in to Let's Make A Deal weekdays on whatever time it is on where you live.