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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Password

I talked about in an earlier post about Password Plus.  Now I'm going to talk about the version after that which was Super Password.  On Sept 24, 1984 a revival of Password was born again.  This version was called Super Password.  It was hosted by  Bert Convy who you may remember from  Tattletales or Win Lose Or Draw.  This version to me was the most exciting of all the password versions.  Why was it exciting you may say?  This version had a magic toaster which was used to play cashword.  Cashword was played after the winner of the $200 puzzle.  The Cashword would start at $1,000.  If it wasn't won the cashword would increase by $1,000 each time until someone won it.  How do you play Super Password for those of you who don't know or never have seen the show.  There are two teams or two people usually one's  a celebritity and the other is the contestant.  Either they will give a one word clue to get you to guess the word or you have to give them a one word clue.  For example if the word was Bee and you want to get your partner to guess it you could say clues like buzzing, insect, queen.  If you want to give  a really clever clue for Bee you could give this for a clue A hoping that your partner would guess B.   The first puzzle won was worth $100, the second $200, the third $300 and the fourth was $400.  The first team to get $500 or more won and went to alphabetics.  After you guessed the word then it would be one of five words that would go on the board.  Then you have to guess what the puzzle is.  I liked trying to guess the puzzles and that to me is what make Super Password and Password Plus my favorite versions of Password.  After the team won then they went to play Alphabetics.  Alphabetics would start at $5,000 and if it wasn't won then the jackpot went up $5,000 until it was won.  Here is how you play Alphabetics your celebrity partner would give you a clue and the clue would start with a certain letter.  The next word would start with the follow letter in the alphabet.  For example if your first word started with a C the next word would start with a D.   There was a handheld game of Super Password made in 2000.  I have it and I play it once in a while.  It is fun.  I wish there was an updated PC Version of this game and an XBOX 360 or wii version of this.  I will always remember Super Password and I love it.  I years ago had my grandfather one year for my birthday make me a wooden super password board.  Although I never found anyone to play it with I still have it.  This to me will always go down as one of the best gameshows ever made.  So if you've never seen Super Password or you want to watch it again I recommend going on youtube and watching an episode.  It is a blast to watch and to guess the puzzles.  I thank you for reading my gameshow blog and I hope enjoy the memories I've shared.  Now they need a board game of this just like they had of Password Plus.