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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Deal Or No Deal: Howie and 26 beautiful ladies: And my top 5 Deal Or No Deal Models.

On December 19, 2005 my favorite game show appeared on NBC in America for the first time.  I had no idea what I was in for.  By the second night I was hooked on this show and I fell in love with it. The show I am talking about is called Deal Or No Deal.   Deal Or No Deal was hosted by comedian Howie Mandel.  While I think Howie did a wonderful job hosting this show, I think the stars of this show really were the 26 beautiful models who opened the cases.  Even though I have never been to a fancy rich dinner party, I felt like I was looking at 26 beautiful ladies who dresses looked like I was watching the party from home.  Howie would open the show talking about a contestant or something about the game, and then he would say the line "Ladies Please".  26 beautiful ladies walking down those stairs brought joy into my life when I was going through a rough time at a job.  I tried out twice for this show, once by video and once at a casting call in Kansas City KS, but never got on the show.  This show would have changed my financial life and meeting Howie and the ladies would have been a blast.  My plan was going to show up on the show with 27 roses,, giving one to each of the models and giving 2 to my favorite model which was number 14 through out most of the show Pilar Lastra.  In case those of you who have never seen the show, here is how the game was played, in each of the 26 cases there were random amounts ranging from 1 penny all the way to one million dollars.  Your goal was to try and pick the case that had the one million in it.  After you picked the case, you would have to open up so many cases in each round, when that round was over you were offered a cash amount or sometimes even a prize by the banker to sell your case back to him.  If you said Deal you won whatever the offer was, if you said No Deal you had to open up so many cases before you could get another offer.  The banker sometimes would say something mean to Howie over the phone to tell the contestant, but the only thing was we could never hear the interaction between the banker and Howie.  Some contestants had sold their case too soon when they had the million in their case.  That was part of the game.  Deal or No Deal was the most fun anxiety I've ever experienced in my life.  I rooted for most of the contestants to win.  I even annoyed some people talking about this show because I enjoyed it a lot.   Believe me some of my friends probably wished I went away as much as I talked about Deal or No Deal, but you have to admit it was an exciting show.  I think the problem with the show was in later seasons when the pace got to be too slow.  Season 1 and part of season 2 is when the show was at it's greatest. I even had no problems with the Million Dollar Mission where anyone from 2 to 13 cases would have $1,000,000 in them.  I think that NBC should revive Deal Or No Deal again.  Put it on only once to twice a week though and have the pace like it was in the first two seasons. There is no reason you can't get through at least 1 contestant and start on part of a game for the second contestant.  If it's 90 minutes you should be through two games and maybe even a third one.  Deal Or No Deal also tried something one night called Speed Deal but it was too fast.  I unfortunately have the patient to sit through one contestant an hour, but most viewers do not.   You can play something like Deal Or No Deal on a website called JoyTube where the game is called Banker's Deal.   The models that I remember the most on the show are (and let's see if I can remember all of them by case)  Case 1- Claudia Jordan,  Case 2- Stacy Gardner, Case 3- Lisa Gleave , Case 4- Keltie Martin, Case 5- Ursula Mayes, Case 6- Megan Abrigo , Case 7 - Sara Bronson, Case 8- Lauren Shiohama , Case 9- Patricia Kara , Case 10- Anya Monzikova, Case 11-  Katie Cleary,  Case 12- Jill Manas,  Case 13-  Leyla Milani,  Case 14- Pilar Lastra,  Case 15-  Brooke Long,  Case 16- Kasie Head,  Case 17-  Jenelle Moreno,  Case 18- Marisa Petroro,  Case 19- Mylinda Tov,  Case 20- Alike Boggan, Case 21- Tameka Jacobs ,  Case 22-  Laura Shields,  Case 23- Aubrie Lemon,  Case 24- Nancy Stelmaszczyk , Case 25-  Hayley Marie Norman and Case 26-  Lindsay Clubine.  Ok I admit I had to google how to spell some of them especially the last names especially case #24.   If I had to make a list of the top models on the show I admit it would be difficult because, they all were beautiful in unique ways.  Here are my favorite top 5 Deal or No Deal Model List  1) Pilar Lastra,  2) Nancy Stelmaszczyk,  3) Laura Shields,  4) Brooke Long,  5) Lisa Gleave.   I also loved this show because you didn't have to any trivia questions unlike shows like Jeopardy or Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.  If you were good at odds and math which I am, then Deal Or No Deal is the game for you.  Deal or No Deal I feel is one of the easiest game shows to ever play which is what makes it fun and exciting to watch.  DOND was an anxiety rush to watch, and you had to know how far to push the envelope. I would have stopped at over $100,000 unless I had a great board.  So tell me everyone what was your favorite memory or memories from the amazing great NBC primetime game show Deal Or No Deal.  Thank you for reading Game Show Memories, the blog where you can share your thoughts about your favorite classic or current game shows.

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